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Gibraltar Rock Hosts Sprint Super Bowl LI Commercial

Gibraltar Rock in Belle Mead New Jersey was host to the filming of Sprint’s Super Bowl LI Commercial. Filming was done on January 24th 2017 and featured Sprint’s new spokesperson Paul Marcarelli. Silvi Group Companies properties have been used previously for movies and photoshoots. Learn more about filming locations available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Silvi Concrete Pours 5,868 Yard Record Concrete Pour in Philadelphia, PA for The W Hotel

SILVI CONCRETE POURS 5,868 YARD RECORD CONCRETE POUR IN PHILADELPHIA, PA FOR THE W HOTEL. July 10th, 2016 marked the completion of a major phase in the construction of the W Hotel located 1414 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. The hotel which is slated to open in 2017 will be the largest concrete structure in Philadelphia […]

Riverside Construction Materials Cement Dome Inflation

The New Riverside Cement Dome at Silvi’s RCM site was recently inflated.  Below is a time lapse that captures the inflation.   Images After Inflation:

Silvi Concrete BAPS Pour

This was a 7,200 yard continuous concrete pour in Robbinsville, NJ. It was a 50/50 fly ash to cement ratio which made it very difficult to manage raw material inventories. This pour involved 106 Silvi owned concrete trucks and all of the raw materials came out of 3 central mix plants. This was a 4 […]