The Silvi Group Companies

Thinking Green


green-leaf CNG Front Discharge Concrete Trucks

Original Silvi Truck
Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an earth-friendly fuel used to power our front discharge concrete trucks. Cheaper and cleaner-burning than diesel and unleaded gasoline, natural gas is growing as an alternative fuel source in America, due in large part to plentiful reserves found across the country.

Concrete Parking Lot Initiative

Original Silvi Truck
When we say concrete parking lots are a great idea, it’s not just because we produce a lot of concrete. In the past, contractors avoided concrete for parking lots because of the higher associated building costs. In recent years, however, higher oil prices and advances in concrete technology have made concrete an extremely attractive alternative.

In addition, concrete parking lots have several environmental advantages over asphalt lots:

  • While black asphalt lots absorb the heat from the sun, which can contribute to an “urban heat island” effect, concrete’s light-colored, reflective surface deflects heat, diminishing the need for extra energy to cool nearby workplaces and homes.
  • Unlike asphalt, concrete is 100% recyclable.
  • Concrete does not contain oil or tar, which with asphalt surfaces can seep into the ground via rainwater and pollute the local environment.
  • With an average life cycle of more than 20 years (whereas asphalt lasts roughly 7 years), concrete lots require significantly less maintenance, which means lower costs and fewer resources consumed.

green-leaf NJDEP Environmental Stewardship Program

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has initiated a recognition program for environmental stewardship, available to members of the regulated community who have implemented policies and procedures that exceed the regulatory requirements and benefit the environment. Silvi is proud to have a number of sites that have been recognized under this program.

green-leaf Forest Stewardship

The New Jersey Forest Stewardship Program is administered through the state’s Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee. Through the program, land owners partner with a certified forestry manager to develop a stewardship plan to manage the site for wood products as well as wildlife, forest health, forest restoration, invasive species control, and water quality. The Silvi Group Companies administer forest stewardship programs at their sand mining facilities in Franklin, Monroe, Eagleswood, and Stafford, NJ locations.

green-leaf Wildlife Habitat

In addition to caring for plant life on our sites, Silvi began incorporating wildlife habitat into mine planning in 2010. As members of the Wildlife Habitat Council, a Washington-DC based non-profit organization, we’re committed to making sure wildlife have a suitable habitat for generations to come.

green-leaf Water Conservation, Recycling & Zero-Discharge

Our families drink the same water yours do. Accordingly, since 2005 The Silvi Group Companies have enforced a zero-discharge policy for the process water at all of our concrete plants. The South-Central Regional Office of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has recognized our pioneering work in this area.

green-leaf Air Quality State-of-the Art Installation

Silvi has also been a pioneer in new technology to protect the air we all breathe. In 2004, the Governor of Pennsylvania recognized our installation of a new ship-to-silo vacuum unloading system at our cement terminal in Bristol, PA as the “Best Available Technology.”

green-leaf Reclamation & Ecological Restoration of Sand Mine

In 2005, Sahara Sand reclaimed its sand mine in Monroe Township, Gloucester County in accordance with Township and Pinelands standards. The property is now a premier ecological site, maintained by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Acres program.

green-leaf All-electric Dredges for Sand Mining

Sahara Sand pioneered the use of all-electric dredging technology in 2002 by installing a custom-designed dredge at our Eagleswood mine, followed by a similar installation in 2004 at our Franklin mine. Electric dredges emit much less CO2 into the atmosphere than their diesel-powered counterparts–and the chances of an oil spill are 0%. They’re also neighbor-friendly with their ultra-low noise profile.