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Type I/II Low Alkali Cement

As the only independent, family-owned company in the United States that imports cement from overseas, we’re proud to carry some of the highest quality cement in the entire east coast. With more than 50,000 tons of cement arriving with each shipload, Riverside Construction Materials is able to maintain a consistent and steady supply–and our purchasing power means we get all our cement manufactured to precise specifications that work best for the region.

We import type I/II low alkali cement to make things simpler for our customers. With this high-quality cement, concrete producers can keep one type of cement product in its bins and still meet all concrete specifications. Type I/II low alkali cement meets nearly all Department of Transportation (DOT) building requirements in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware.

For more information or to order cement, please call 215-295-0777.

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