The Silvi Group Companies

Photoshoot & Movie Set Properties

Looking for a large, scenic outdoor location for a photo or film shoot? As many photographers and movie makers have already discovered, The Silvi Group Companies have you covered and then some. With crystal blue water, white sandy terrain, and rocky, mountainous backdrops, our Ocean County sand mining facility and Somerset County rock quarry have proven to be perfect backdrops for feature films, short films, documentaries, commercials, and photo shoots.
For information on using a Silvi Group Companies site for a photo or film shoot, please contact Sean Earlen 215-295-0777 x225 or

Gibraltar Rock quarry

Bulgari Jewelry Photoshoot with Rachel Weisz

Gibraltar Rock Quarry

Vogue Magazine Photoshoot with Tim Tebow

Gibraltar Rock Quarry Terrain

Gibraltar Rock Quarry Terrain

Located in New Jersey’s Montgomery and Hillsborough townships, our 750-acre working quarry has provided a mountainous, rocky backdrop for print advertisements, movies, and many other projects.

Eagles Lake Reserve sand mining facility

Manchurian Candidate was filmed at Eagleswood to replicate the desert terrain in Iraq.

Eagles Lake and surrounding terrain

Filming at Eagles Lake

Eagles Lake surrounding terrain

Eagles Lake surrounding terrain

Film Set at Eagles Lake

The blue water and surrounding terrain at Eagles Lake

The 1000-acre Eagles Lake facility, located in Eagleswood and Stafford Townships in New Jersey’s southern Ocean County, features rolling, sandy hills, 40-foot cliffs, a 50-acre crystal blue lake, and hundreds of acres of forest wilderness.