Silvi Concrete of Englishtown, NJ

Welcome to Silvi Materials’ Englishtown, NJ facility, where our legacy in delivering first-rate construction materials serves Englishtown and the surrounding community. Founded in 1947, our journey has been marked by a commitment to quality and innovation, especially in concrete production. Today we continue this tradition, offering a wide array of concrete products that meet the exacting standards of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and various other construction projects.

Superior Range of Concrete Products

At our Englishtown location, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of concrete products, each engineered to suit specific project needs:

  • High Strength Concrete: Designed for projects demanding robust structural integrity.
  • Jointless and Wide Span Concrete: Ideal for expansive areas, reducing joints and enhancing overall stability.
  • Shotcrete: Perfect for rapid application, especially in complex shapes and repair works.
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete: Offers ease of placement without compromising on strength, ideal for intricate forms.
  • Block Fill Concrete: Tailored for efficiently filling hollow blocks, ensuring uniformity and structural soundness.
  • Heavyweight Concrete: Specially formulated for high-density applications like radiation shielding.
  • High Early Strength Concrete: For projects that require rapid strength development to accelerate construction.
  • Lightweight Concrete: Balances strength with weight efficiency, suitable for projects where load reduction is crucial.
  • Grout: High-performance grout for void filling and reinforcement in masonry structures.
  • Colored Concrete: Brings aesthetic versatility to architectural and decorative projects.

Adherence to NJDOT Standards and Quality Assurance

Our commitment to meeting NJDOT standards is evident in every batch of concrete we produce. This dedication ensures that our concrete is not only durable and robust but also aligns with the stringent requirements for state infrastructure and other critical projects. Quality assurance is integral to our process, from raw material selection through to production and delivery.

Silvi plant

Sustainable Concrete Production

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our operations in Englishtown. We employ eco-friendly practices in our concrete production, including the use of Slag Cement, recycled materials, and by using energy-efficient production methods. This approach underscores our commitment to reducing environmental impact while enhancing the quality and functionality of our concrete.

We Specialize in High-Quality Slag Cement

We use Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS), commonly known as Slag Cement, as a key component in our ready-mix concrete. Slag, a byproduct of steel manufacturing, is a supplementary cementitious material that, when used in conjunction with Portland cement, enhances the quality of concrete. The incorporation of Silvi Slag in concrete offers several benefits:

  • Environmental Sustainability: Utilizing slag in concrete significantly contributes to lower CO2 emissions. By repurposing this byproduct, we engage in sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact​​.
  • Enhanced Durability: Ready-mix concrete made with Silvi Slag is more durable. This increased durability translates to longer-lasting constructions and reduced maintenance needs over time​​.
  • Reduced Heat of Hydration: During the curing process, concrete with Silvi Slag generates less heat. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in large concrete pours, where controlling the heat of hydration is crucial to prevent cracking and ensure structural integrity​​.
  • Mitigating Heat-Island Effect: In urban areas, the heat-island effect can be a significant issue. Concrete made with slag helps reduce this effect, particularly in paving applications, due to its lighter color and reflective properties​​.
  • Aesthetic Advantages: Slag concrete has a whiter hue compared to traditional gray Portland cement concrete. This provides aesthetic flexibility, especially in architectural designs where visual appeal is a priority

Comprehensive Construction Materials

Alongside our concrete specialties, our Englishtown location offers a variety of other construction materials. This includes a wide range of crushed stones in an assortment of colors, superior quality sand, premium cement, and essential bulk salt and calcium chloride pellets for roadway safety.

Customer-Focused Service and Customized Solutions

We believe in a customer-centric approach, where every project receives personalized attention and materials tailored to its specific requirements. Our Englishtown team is dedicated to providing expert advice and bespoke solutions, ensuring optimal material selection for your construction needs.

Established Legacy in the Construction Industry

Silvi Materials has been a name synonymous with excellence in the construction materials industry for over seventy years. Our Englishtown location embodies this rich history, merging traditional expertise with modern innovations to meet the dynamic needs of today’s construction sector.

Silvi Materials in Englishtown, NJ, stands ready to be your trusted partner in construction. With our extensive range of high-quality concrete products, commitment to environmental stewardship, and unparalleled customer service, we are well-equipped to support your next construction project. 

We are conveniently located at 470 State Hwy 33

Millstone Township, NJ 08535

To place an order, request a quote, or to discuss your specific requirements,  contact us online or call us at 800-426-6273. 

Come experience the Silvi difference in your next construction venture, where quality and innovation come together. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project!