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Concrete structures that stand the test of time don’t happen by accident. Whether you’re building a skyscraper or a driveway, you need ready-mix concrete that combines the highest-quality cement and best raw materials in the right proportions–and gets delivered right when you need it. Silvi started out providing ready mix concrete in Bucks County, PA and has since expanded our operation nationally.

By teaming up with sister companies Silvi Stone, Silvi Sand, and Silvi Cement, Silvi Concrete is able to ensure each of the four ingredients that go into our concrete meet Silvi Materials stringent standards for quality. Our state-of-the-art ready-mix plants, testing facilities, 300 modern front-discharge concrete trucks, and proprietary mix designs give you a final product that you can count on.

When it’s time to deliver, Silvi Materials comes through. Our clients love the speedy, reliable service that they get from our team of sales, quality control, and logistics experts. With our interconnected network of 18 concrete plants provide ready mix concrete in Bucks County, PA as well as throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we offer an elite service that no other ready-mix producer can replicate.

Silvi concrete truck at the ready-mix concrete plant in Philadelphia, PA

Concrete Products

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