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Bulk Stone for Sale - Diabase Trap Rock and Argillite

As many engineers and road crews have seen firsthand, not all stone is the same. At Silvi Stone, we provide stone for sale in Bucks County, PA and across the Eastern US. We quarry the best mineral veins naturally occurring along the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard to give your project the solid backbone it needs to stand the test of time. We thoroughly wash the stone, reducing fines and creating a high-quality aggregate for concrete and maximum dust control.

From our most active quarry in Belle Mead, NJ, we mine 2 types of stone, each with its own unique properties:

● Diabase trap rock: A very dense, hard mineral similar to granite. Diabase trap rock is exceptionally strong and fractures in a cubical shape, making it ideal for producing high-strength concrete and asphalt. The specific gravity of diabase trap rock is 3.0, and has a low absorption property.

● Argillite: A lighter and less dense stone. While still quite strong, Argillite is an attractive choice if you’re willing to sacrifice some strength in order to shed weight. The specific gravity of Argillite is 2.7, and it has more absorption than diabase trap rock.

With 350 million tons of reserves, Silvi Stone is equipped to haul stone for any size project. In fact, for our very first job in 2009, we supplied 300,000 tons of stone for the concrete runway repairs at the JFK airport. Runway engineers specifically asked for our diabase trap rock due to its superior strength compared with other locally quarried stone. Since then, Silvi Stone has expanded its network of raw material haulers to include more than 300 dump trucks, ocean barges, and over 4,000 feet of rail track, enabling us to tackle any logistical challenge a project may have.

Silvi Stone products are approved by PennDOT, NJDOT, and the New York and New Jersey port authorities. If you are seeking quality bulk stone for sale, contact Silvi Materials today.

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