Silvi Salt, founded in 2017, is your premier bulk deicing salt distributor on the East Coast. Our salt distribution terminal is located in Bristol, PA, at our deep-water port. We've tested and reviewed numerous salt mines, and through this experience we've developed strong partnerships with the best salt mines in the world.

Silvi Salt meets both PennDOT and NJDOT standards, which require moisture less than 2%, anti-caking agent at 100ppm, and a sodium chloride purity over 98%. We also blend and make our own NJDOT- and NJ Turnpike-approved treated rock salt. Silvi Salt is treated with magnesium chloride and Organic Based Performance Enhancer (OBPE), creating a high-performance snow salt/deicer.

Leveraging Silvi Materials' year-round logistics team and network of haulers, we are able to provide a prompt delivery service that is unmatched by our competition. At Silvi Salt, we know its imperative to get your salt deliveries on time in order to prepare for impending snowstorms. Silvi Salt takes pride in making sure all our deliveries occur in under 48 hours.

If you’re a salt supplier or snow removal and deicing contractor in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or the greater Tri-State area you can count on the quality and convenience we provide at Silvi Salt.

Salt Products

Bulk Rock Salt

Bulk Treated Rock Salt (Magnesium Chloride + OBPE)