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Whether it’s going right into your Silvi concrete or adding sub-base for another project, we’ve got your sand covered. One of the largest providers along the Eastern seaboard, Silvi Sand owns over 3,354 acres of mining property in Southern New Jersey and has over 225 million tons of sand and gravel reserves. Silvi Sand furnishes all major varieties of sand with reliable uniformity of both size and color. Drawing on our 3 large dredging operations in Southern New Jersey, we are able to serve those looking for sand for sale in Bucks County, PA to all of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. From local needs to large enterprises across the Eastern US, Silvi has got you covered.

Silvi Sand boasts an extensive and sophisticated network of product haulers. We were proud to do our part to help rebuild the NJ coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, supplying sand to several beach replenishment projects. Silvi Sand also supplied several thousand tons to the New Jersey Turnpike and New Jersey Parkway widening projects. Mammoth projects like these require timely product deliveries to keep up with contractors' deadlines. With more than 300 industrial dump trucks hauling for Silvi Materials on a given day, our network is equipped to handle any size job with exceptional service, quality, and dependability.

In 2021 we expanded our sand operations to include an export barge facility in Salem County, NJ. With 11 feet of draft we are able to load, ship, and deliver seminole barges in excess of 7,000 tons to the New York City boroughs, Northern New Jersey, Baltimore, and up the Delaware River.

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