Our Locations

With 25 different locations across PA & NJ. Silvi Materials proudly supplies premium construction materials to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Sales Managers

Toby Rich

[email protected] 267-566-1803

Vice President Ready-Mix Sales

Don Carpani

[email protected] 267-566-1804

Vice President of Aggregate & Cement Sales

Larry Silvi III

[email protected] 267-566-2471

VP of Sales & Marketing

Ed Drum

[email protected] 267-566-1809

Sr Regional Sales Manager - Pennsylvania

Remy Cousart

[email protected] 215-651-2706

Head of Sales for PA and South NJ.

Mike Wellins

[email protected] 215-435-8878

North Jersey Regional Sales Manager

Rich Augustensen Jr.

[email protected] 267-987-1984

Director of Salt & Aggregate Sales

Jake Ables

[email protected] 215-266-8377

Director of Concrete Promotion

Bob Howard

[email protected] 609-868-4975

South Jersey Ready Mix Sales Manager

Joe Saccomanno

[email protected] 267-566-3809

Aggregate Sales Manager

Salvatore Santora

[email protected] 267-473-8131

North East NJ Ready-Mix Concrete Sales.

Sales Rep Adam Mader

Adam Mader

[email protected] 267-432-7635

PA Ready Mix Concrete Sales Rep (Berks County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Montgomery County

Sales Rep Jesse McClane

Jesse McClane

[email protected] 215-341-6391

North West NJ Ready Mix Concrete Sales Rep(Hunterdon County, Morris County, Mercer County, Somerset County, Warren County)