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Jointless & Widespan Concrete

Jointless and Widespan floor systems reduce and/or eliminate saw cuts and contraction joints within concrete slabs. These mixes require very low shrinkage potential, precision aggregate gradation, and low cementitious contents. Reducing and/or eliminating joint in concrete floors can reduce maintenance costs and improve durability of the overall floor system. Silvi Concrete mix designs will include fiber reinforcement, high-quality blended aggregates, and precise water control during the batching process. Silvi Concrete has successfully placed floor systems with joint spacing up to 100′ x 100′ in large warehouse floors and in jointless slabs in smaller applications.

Widespan and Jointless Concrete in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Silvi Materials provides a superior and reliable product through our precise mixes. If you are looking for a provider of jointless and widespan concrete in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, contact us today!