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Asphalt Sand

Washed asphalt sand is particularly useful for creating skid resistance, thanks to the angular shape of the particles. It is most often used in asphalt, but its compactability also makes it a viable option for a paving course underneath a paver or flagstone. Asphalt sand:

  • Increases durability of asphalt/pavement thus saving money in the long-term by minimizing the need for repairs or repaving
  • Provides excellent traction for any vehicles passing over
  • Can help create a protective veneer
  • Most importantly, it fills in gaps or holes in the asphalt.

Asphalt Sand with Silvi Sand

Silvi Sand provides excellent washed asphalt sand for pavers that want to utilize this product for its numerous benefits in maintaining the integrity of their asphalt. Contact Silvi Materials today at 800.426.6273 for any questions regarding our asphalt sand or other products such as our cement or concrete mixes.