Philadelphia is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States; it blends historically significant buildings with modern complexes. Silvi Materials assists the city in developing major construction projects that serve the public in multiple ways. 

We are proud to supply high-quality and high-strength concrete that helps ensure these projects’ architectural integrity, pleasing designs, long-lasting durability, and full functionality. Over the years, we have partnered with many construction companies to accomplish stunning buildings across Philadelphia. We have helped engineers and concrete contractors convert building structures from steel and wood to concrete. Find out about five of our featured projects below:

41 St Bridge

Bridge Reconstruction

General Contractor: Loftus Construction, Inc.

Concrete Contractor: Loftus Construction, Inc.

Size: 7,000 yards

In 1994, the 41st Street Bridge was closed, and 22 years of detours followed for Philadelphia residents. Fortunately, in 2015, Loftus Construction Inc. worked to remove and reconstruct the bridge. Silvi Materials supplied both PennDOT concrete and architectural concrete, serving the reconstruction and reopening of the efficient roadway between Mantua Avenue and Poplar Street. Only a year later, West Philadelphia could again take advantage of easy traffic flow. Residents and visitors alike could also admire a sleek bridge that blended in harmoniously with the neighborhood.

1 Dock Street 


General Contractor: Hunter Roberts General Construction

Concrete Contractor: Tri-State Construction

Size: 19,000 yards

A recently completed project in Old City, Philadelphia, is the 1 Dock Street condominium. LCOR is developing the tallest building in the area, topping 31 stories with 272 residences. The modern, glass architecture will eclipse the old Marriott Old City hotel, undoubtedly becoming one of the most popular real estate developments in 2023 or 2024. Silvi Materials partnered with Tri-State Construction to supply both mass concrete in the foundations and high-strength concrete in the vertical structure. Providing great service, Silvi and Tri-State Construction maintained a 3-day floor cycle. The project was completed in under 16 months.

Wawa Station

Wawa Rail Service Restoration Project

General Contractor: Walsh Construction

Concrete Contractor: Walsh Construction

Size: 5,185 yards

In 2018, SEPTA began its plans to bring rail service between Elwyn and Wawa, ending with constructing Wawa Station. Remarkably, the station was the first expansion of the rail lines since 1985. They built and installed culverts, rail bridges, crossties, catenaries, signal systems, facilities, and a parking deck, amongst other novelties, to accomplish this 4-year project. Silvi Materials was honored to supply these products to SEPTA and their crews until completion in 2022.

Wexford One UCity Square

High Rise Tower

General Contractor: Turner Construction

Concrete Contractor: Molly Construction

Size: 27,791 yards

One UCity Square is an impressive architectural masterpiece and functional addition to West Philadelphia. The 13-story building features a beautiful glass exterior, an intriguing geo-metric cut-out design, and outdoor terraces with plant life. Inside is an exciting mix of residences, offices, labs, and retail stores. Silvi Materials worked with Molly Construction to ensure all the necessary supplies for their development, providing the surrounding community with aesthetically pleasing and valuable amenities.  

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