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50+ Years of Experience in Construction Materials Supply

Newark-area contractors have relied on Silvi Materials for high-quality construction materials and concrete supplies for more than 50 years. Whether you need crushed stone, ready-mix concrete or any other construction materials. Those looking for concrete suppliers in Newark, NJ – Silvi Materials is the only name you need to know. 

Construction projects from driveways and patios to highway overpasses and skyscrapers all begin with a quality concrete supplier. Engineering and labor bring ideas to life, but without materials, nothing gets built. Silvi Materials has the services, expertise, and quality construction materials in Newark you need to make your next project a success. 

Our Newark location:
330 Doremus Ave
Newark, NJ 07105

The Silvi Materials Name Stands for Quality Concrete Products 

Silvi Materials provides high-quality, consistent ready-mix concrete blends for contractors and home projects, with certified technicians for heavier applications like masonry blocks or precast slabs. We also provide cost estimates and delivery services for effective budgeting and efficient project management. 

We prioritize quality control in delivering concrete products for construction and home projects, using only the best materials that meet or exceed industry standards. With our extensive selection of products, competitive pricing, reliable delivery services, and expert advice, there is no better partner than Silvi Materials for your next project. 

Construction Materials and Concrete Supplies in Newark and Surrounding Areas

Your next project can benefit from the wealth of experience and vast resources we have to offer at Silvi Materials. With decades of experience in construction and concrete supplies throughout NJ, PA and the Eastern Seaboard, Silvi Materials is the partner you’ve been looking for. 

Just some of the products we have to offer include:

  • Concrete Products: Concrete blocks, shotcrete, high-strength concrete, NJDOT-approved concrete, jointless and widespan concrete, colored concrete and high early concrete.
  • Sand Products: Concrete sand, septic sand, asphalt sand, separator sand (K-4), decorative gravel, bank run, clay, mason sand and New Jersey “I” material.
  • Stone: Diabase trap rock, argillite, washed stone, dense graded aggregate (DGA), railroad ballast, manufactured sand, rip rap, jetty rock and more.
  • Other Products: Cement, Type I/II low alkali cement, NJDOT-approved cement, ground granulated blast furnace slag, bulk rock salt, bulk treated rock salt. 
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Why More People Come to Silvi for Construction Materials in Newark

We all know construction is a complicated business. Between the shortage of skilled labor, rising insurance premiums, and needless red tape and regulations, you have enough on your plate. We get it – we’ve been in construction and concrete supplies for more than 50 years, so we’ve seen it all. 

Having dependable concrete suppliers in Newark, NJ that can source any construction materials you need–on time and on budget is key to your success. It’s that simple. Construction delays due to missed deliveries cost both time and money. 

Inconsistent quality construction materials compromise the integrity of whatever you build. And all of the above can impact your reputation and reputation is everything in this business. At Silvi Materials we earned our reputation by protecting yours. 

How Silvi Materials Has Earned the Trust of Newark Contractors

Over the last half-century, Silvi Materials has become a trusted partner to hundreds of NJ concrete contractors, developers, and construction companies. The way we’ve done it is simple. We are a generational family business that has never forgotten its core values. 

The Silvi Group came from humble beginnings all the way back in 1947 and Silvi Materials grew to become one of the premier building material suppliers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, as well as the greater East Coast. Today we provide ready-mix concrete, cement, stone, slag, and rock salt over 23 locations.

The Silvi Materials Mission

Our mission at Silvi Materials is simple. We give builders and contractors in Newark, NJ and surrounding areas an ultra-reliable partner for construction materials so they can focus on growing their businesses. We know concrete and we know construction. 

We source the highest quality materials from around the world to deliver consistent results you can count on. Whether you are building a residential development, NJDOT public works project or just doing some home improvement, Silvi Materials has the resources you need to get the job done on time and within budget.

A few of the many locations across the Eastern coast that Silvi is able to serve are:

What Can Silvi Materials Do For You?

If you seeking out concrete suppliers in Newark, NJ or surrounding areas, we are at your service. Contact us at (800) 426-6273. We also offer extensive services ranging from barge and ocean-going vessel services to warehouse storage and bulk material loading/unloading. Learn more about them on our Services Page