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Colored Concrete

Our integrally colored concrete (concrete mixed with pigment) can complement any decor and makes a great choice for your indoor hallways and entryways, kitchen, outdoor recreation areas, sunroom, or splash room. Durable, non fading, and UV-resistant, integrally colored concrete can handle heavy traffic while adding accent coloring or harmonizing with the surrounding greenery or landscaping. Slopes, curves, and changes in the grade can be readily accommodated with cast-in-place concrete.

Choose from warm earth tones, vivid hues, deeply saturated cooler colors, and nearly any shade of gray. Silvi’s state-of-the-art color system can match almost any color, providing endless possibilities for mixing and matching.

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Colored Concrete for Sale in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Headquartered in Bucks County, PA, Silvi Materials has become a trusted provider of high-quality building materials throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Colored concrete can be a great choice for those seeking the reliability and cost-effectiveness of concrete but require a product that complements the décor or aesthetic of the given structure. Contact Silvi Materials to learn more about how we can meet your needs for colored concrete for your upcoming building project.