Pea Gravel - 3/8” Washed

3/8 washed stone - pea gravel
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Pea Gravel – 3/8″ Washed

Silvi Stone washed 3/8″ (#8) stone, also known as “pea gravel,” serves a wide variety of purposes.
● Primary use: concrete and top-coat asphalt
● Other common uses: tank bedding, decorative landscaping, pipe bedding, drainage, and miscellaneous
● Approved size for NJDOT, NYDOT, and PennDOT projects

Bulk Pea Gravel for Sale

Silvi Materials has worked with contractors big and small to provide the quantity and most importantly, quality of ingredients that are crucial for their project success. Landscapers and home builders, or even homeowners often need pea gravel for their decorative efforts when finishing a home project. Contact Silvi Materials today at 800.426.6273 to inquire about our washed 3/8 stone or other products such as cement, concrete, or sand!