When it comes to the construction of a new building, ready-mix concrete is an essential component. Whether you are undergoing new construction on a warehouse facility or breaking ground on a towering skyscraper situated in the center of the city, the type of ready-mix concrete that you use matters.

But what kind of concrete should be used for the various types of construction projects? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Different mix types of concrete are used for different purposes.

In this blog post, we will compare the various types of concrete that are used for both warehouse and skyscraper construction projects and why one type of concrete may be better suited than another. 

Warehouse Construction – Jointless Concrete

While there are a variety of different types of concrete that can be used for the construction of a warehouse, the type that is most commonly used for the floor of the warehouse is called jointless or low-shrinkage concrete. Jointless or low-shrinkage concrete reduces and/or eliminates the saw cuts and contraction joints that are found within concrete slabs. These types of concrete mixes require very low shrinkage potential, precision aggregate gradation, and low cementitious contents. By reducing and/or eliminating joints in concrete floors this can reduce maintenance costs, as well as improve the durability of the overall floor system.

At Silvi Concrete, our concrete mix designs will always include fiber reinforcement, high-quality blended aggregates, and precise water control during the batching process. Silvi Concrete has successfully placed floor systems with joint spacing up to 100′ x 100′ in large warehouse floors and in jointless slabs in smaller applications. 

It’s important to find a trusted and reliable materials company for your next warehouse project, like Silvi Materials. Our ready-mix concrete combines the highest quality cement with the best raw materials, in the perfect proportions.

Skyscraper Construction – High Strength Concrete

skyscraper - high strength concrete example

When it comes to the construction of skyscrapers, the most commonly used type of concrete is called high strength concrete or HPC. High-strength concrete has a higher compressive strength than traditional ready-mix concrete which is essential for buildings that need to hold a lot of strength.

High-strength concrete also has superior shrinkage characteristics which means that it will not crack or buckle when it is exposed to changes in temperature or humidity levels over time— this is a must for tall buildings! Furthermore, high-strength concrete offers greater workability than other types of concrete, which makes it easier to pour into the complex molds that are often required when constructing a new skyscraper.

Depend on The Concrete Experts at Silvi Materials For The Highest-Quality Construction Materials

Choosing the right kind of concrete is essential for any construction project, whether you are building a warehouse or a skyscraper. While ready-mix may be suitable for smaller projects such as warehouses, high-strength concrete is the superior choice when constructing larger structures like skyscrapers due to its superior compressive strength and excellent workability. 

With so many options available today, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You can depend on the professionals at Silvi Materials, the premier concrete and high-quality materials supplier, for all of your construction needs.

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